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Our Story

We know that Boutique Repeat is special because of the high quality, boutique clothes you can find for your precious children at a fraction of the cost. This is only made possible because of the loyalty of all of the wonderful shoppers and consigners Courtney, Mandy, and Angel have collected over the years. We hope you will continue to buy and sell your beautiful clothes with us, and we look forward to seeing all of you again at the next sale!

Alice Belko, Katherine Eubanks, and Blair Sumrall—three friends who are excited to keep the wonderful tradition of Boutique Repeat alive. When Courtney Cawley, Mandy Buckner, and Angel Jackson started Boutique Repeat in 2012, they had no idea how beloved their consignment sale would become. We were loyal shoppers and consignors and looked forward to the twice a year sale as much as everyone else did. When we heard that they were ready to move on, we knew it HAD to continue, so we took a leap of faith together and, fingers crossed, plan to keep this great sale going as long as we can.


Boutique Repeat will continue to run on the same computer system to which our shoppers and consignors have become accustomed. This allows consignors to transfer items in and out from other sales and to keep up with how their items are selling in real time. New consignors will find the program incredibly user friendly which makes tagging a breeze.


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